Saturday, 3 March 2012

Weekly photography challenge.

Iain was working again today, so once I finally cajolled the chids to get dressed, brush teeth, had my thrice daily battle with Isla to just sit on the bloomin toilet and wee, we ripped apart some stuff from the breadbin and went off to the park! Scooters were in the car, with Iain, so we walked and chatted, fed the birds a real treat - crumpets, pancakes and a croissant (bad person, I am!), played at the park, and played with cameras.

I had trouble sleeping last night, a was alerted to this cool photography competition. I have zero experience, and it was me, a blind boy, and a nearly four year old girl, so I don't expect much, nor will they ship the prizes to the Uk, but hey ho - we had FUN!!!

Oh yes - the challenge was "Photos of People Taking Pictures":

The competition is run by Our Reflection (

Our Reflection: Weekly Photo Challenge


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