Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday 10

Linking up with Mom2MemphisAndRuby  and Our Reflection for this weeks Tuesday 10
Theme: 10 Favourite photos.
(I chose to choose 10 of my favourite family photos - they aren't all actually spectacular as photos, but they all say a lot about us!)

This is a sling I made for Isla and I, and we are sheep farming!

Love Isla and Iain together in pics - she is a real 'Mummys girl', but when I'm not there, she adores him.

Love that Lucas is leading the way!

This was taken just after Iain and I met. We married within 9 months, true love really exists!

Again, see how much she adores him?

Lucas isnt an especially sporty boy - but he can really boot a football!

She looks so calm and sedate - whilst her hair is bonkers ;-)

This was tiny Lucas. This photo was on the cover of a magazine.

This is the kind of thing my boys do - a lot! Lucas' smile says it all.

Love Lucas in guyliner!!! He had his face painted at a party, and we couldn't get it all off. Think this may be a good future look when he is a famous rock star!!!



  1. "guyliner" that is hilarious!!! One of my boys painted their nails fire red, when he was 3!!! Silly!!! Very cute pics!!! Visiting from Tuesday 10!!!

  2. Haha!! Thanks so much for these... awesome!!
    Thanks so much for linking up! ♥

  3. Thanks Alicia! Nice to see you. Fire red sounds rocking!

    Thanks Lena. xx

  4. Great Action Shots, Good Work!


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