Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Some advice?

I have spent too much time online and not enough making. Enough is enough! I really want to make something beautiful (yet quick)tomorrow - and have around 3 hours to play, including evening. What can you guys suggest? Share pictures of what you would make/have made in 3 hours? Can be Sewing, crochet (although I'm not super speedy),or anything needing most basic supplies and a glue gun. Share your inspiration please?


  1. Bunting!! Super cheery and lights up a whole room!

  2. Thanks Vicki - its done, along with a sewn cushion. Upcycled an old skirt and some strapping from the Scrapstore. Will post pics later. Think I might go a bit bunting crazy now ;-)

  3. Make a new spring wreath! :) Simple and quick!
    xo, Linds


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