Monday, 28 May 2012

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Thursday, 17 May 2012


Its "Pirate week" here in Poole. No idea why - the children seem none the wiser, but Lucas had to dress up as a pirate for school tomorrow - so of course, then, did Isla, and also - it turns out - Teddy!

The trousers were the biggest success, I think - the first time I have properly followed a pattern  that I didn't make up (although both my chids seem to have super short legs - I had to lose a lot!). Lucas is a difficult shape to dress - so I feel pretty good that  I can make him lots of pyjama trews now, following this basic pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed making these, and they both (all including Teddy, I guess) seem happy! They can wear the star trews at other times, and if I make some tops too - they will have super cute matching pyjamas!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Apple Cozy's

As is my way, I have become a bit obsessed (albeit temporarily) with making Apple Cozys (ideas for teachers pressies etc). I have been through a fair few patterns, some of which I have enjoyed more than others, but nothing quite hit the spot for me. Then I decided that the issue I had with them is that they felt a wee bit flimsy. I wanted something that felt solid and like it really would stop the apples from bruising. So - I combined ideas from a few patterns, and what I have picked up working on amigurumi recently, and came up with a quick pattern for this:

I will write up the pattern in the next few days, but if you dont crochet, or just dont have the time, I am selling them from my Facebook page :-)

Bits and pieces

Its been a weird couple of weeks here. Isla has been unwell with yet more ear infections, then I ended up in hospital after having an anaphylactic shock to a dentist injection, plus we are trying to make some life decisions about our future.

That said, I have been crafting bits and pieces. I am going crazy making crocheted granny squares for a blanket for Isla (managed about 35 in hospital attached to the drip), I have made lip balm holders for the kids (our weather is bonkers - windy then sunny - they both have super sore lips), and its "Pirate Day" on Friday - so apparently I have to make costumes for Lucas, Isla, and a teddy.

Will post some pics tomorrow when the outfits are made.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Covert Robin

the covert robin button

I signed up to take part in the Cover Robin competition hosted by Rachael from Imagine Gnats, and enjoyed it thoroughly!

I was asked to make a gift for Brandi from JuBee's Craft Box, and was a wee bit stressed that her two main talents were the things I attempt too (sewing and crochet), but I was going through a Polymer Clay phase, and after stalking her pinterest and so on, I noticed a Dr Seuss love and a teal/aquamarine love, so made these:

 Hair clip in teal/aqua - the colours Brandi seemed to love and 'pin' most
Dr Seuss charm bracelet - with a fish, hat, teapot, cup, ball, and a red and blue fish

Necklace again made in Brandi's colours.

I think she and her daughter were pleased :-)

I also was very excited to receive my parcel all the way from The US from the lovely 
Valerie at The Knitted Chick

The children and I were absolutely thrilled with our gifts!
2 knitted chicks (one purple which Lucas chose and called Henry, and one yellow which Isla well and truly adopted and called Holly)

and the most stunning apron for me (please excuse the photo- had to do it in the bathroom mirror!)

Thanks Valerie!! 


I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in The Covert Robin, and would like to thank Rachael and everyone else for their hard work. 

I am also really hoping that the brilliant Brandi and the lovely Valerie will guest post here soon!