Sunday, 18 March 2012

Scrapstore and Mothers Day

I went with Lerryn (Jelly Bean Boom) on Friday to the Dorset Scrapstore, which is an amazing place which takes material donations from local businesses and offers them to people for the bargain price of £5 per bin bag full. I absolutely adore the place, its ethos, and the spark of creativity it ignites within my belly (anyone else get like this?!) and was very excited by my treasures:

Not sure Iain was as delighted by my "bag of crap" as I was though?! - Poor Mr Sew now we are four!

Today was Mothers Day here in the UK (not sure if it is the same in other countries?), and so the chids and I have been creating:
Handpainted repurposed jar with Scrapstore flowers

Polymer clay Keycharm for Mother in law with chids fingerprints

Polymer clay keycharm for My Mum with fingerprints

Scrapstore flowers

and more. I <} these - can you tell?!

Full gift for my Mum including handmade vanilla and anise soap, Isla-painted jar,  plus the other bits :-)

I had a lovely mothers day too. Gorgeous card from Isla (received the minute she made it on Monday last week!!!), picnic lunch, and a Slimming World breakfast in bed - 1 slice of wholemeal toast with low fat butter, a banana and a cup of tea - strangely delicious!

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  1. Anything is delicious when served to you whilst lounging in bed :-) x

  2. Sarah,
    Mother's Day in the USA is the 2nd Sunday in May. That means that you should lobby for another special day for yourself. Any mom with 2 kids needs 2 Mother's Days, right?!? It's been fun getting a bit acquainted with you on your blog.
    From your Secret Friend


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