Saturday, 10 March 2012

Crafty weekend!

What a fabulous weekend it has been so far! Last night I attended the second Wool and Wittering session run by Lerryn from Jelly Bean Boom, and I was so impressed by how well everyone did learning how to crochet in  the round!

I also attended the Craft Junket which Lerryn has written so nicely about, so wont replicate her work - plus I didn't buy a beautiful necklace to take pictures of, so you will have to look at hers ;-)

My cushion (pictured in my hands top left) is finally nearly finished, so am looking forward to my Ta dah post muchly!

Oh, and we got to try out Isla's new wagon to the park - Lucas pulled her almost the whole way there and back. LOTS of fun. She is determined to be touching me at almost all times at the moment, hence the hand-holding. Mostly I love it.....


I always love hearing from you!
Love Sarah