Saturday, 10 March 2012

Photo Challenge 3

I will not be defeated!!! So - Lena from Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby won last weeks photo challenge from Our Reflection, so I am having another go!! The theme is childhood which is both very easy and very hard - whose childhood? What do I want my photograph to say? If I wasn't so old, then I would have digital photographs from my childhood which would totally rock, but I am - so I will have to use the chids! My contenders:

And my entry:

I chose this one because of the timeless Radio Wagon, the light, the colours, and the seriousness of both Lucas and Isla's expressions - to me childhood is fun, but also needs to be taken seriously - as a parent, one of my biggest jobs is to respect my childrens concerns and thoughts, even if they may be a little bit...well...childish, I suppose ;-)

Our Reflection


  1. This is so fun! I love his polka dot jacket and sun glass look. Great job with the sun flare too! Thanks for linking up! ^_^

  2. Thanks Laura! The boy has style ;-) It is an absolute pleasure - at this rate my photography might even improve! I have actually asked for a camera of my own for my birthday - not too mahoosive, but takes good pics. Any recommendations? Love this weeks theme btw!

    1. I just love camera talk! I would recommend starting with a Canon T3 DSLR. You will be amazed on how much more you'll love your photos. I'm here to help where ever I can. ^_^

  3. Awesome! I love the lighting and 'mood' of the photo. Great job!


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