Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hotchpotch skirt (made with a helper)

I have had a poorly (but not poorly enough to just sleep on the sofa) little girlie home today (again!), and she was desperate for a new skirt for a party in a couple of weeks. She said she wanted to choose fabric - and chose thin T-shirting fabric (not my favourite when I dont have heeps of time to be honest!), and said it had to have all these designs. So - with quite a lot of.., I botched together a skirt to make the girl smile. It looks much nicer on, but she didnt feel well enough to model it after our work. Hopefully tomorrow!

It needs some time on my own really, but here we have a true Hotchpotch skirt Isla Stylee!

Also been crocheting a cushion with my StyleCraft yarn (tute from Lucy - Attic24), and a really pleased with it so far! Dont think I can find a round insert though, so will have a get a little creative to make it square :-$

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