Thursday, 8 March 2012

Birthday Girl!

Yesterday my beautiful daughter Isla turned 4 years old! I cannot begin to say how much of a force she is in all our lives every single day. Before she was born, we wondered if another child would be able to make themselves heard loud enough as Lucas' needs are so apparent, immediate and important. We needn't have worried!! Isla - you are amazing! 

So - I have been having a browse through old photos, and a play with Picasa, and this evening I present my series of Isla collages!

New Girl on the block Isla Delphinium M:

Older, wiser, insanely determined Isla:

And a birthday full of Teddy Bears, pizza, a wagon, ceramic painting, and balloons:

Party on Sunday - just a mere matter of 11 party bags and a skirt to sew, and some bear ears to finish!


I always love hearing from you!
Love Sarah