Thursday, 15 March 2012

Polymer clay play

So, after a visit to The Craft Junkett last weekend, and falling head over heels in love with Polymer clay jewellery thanks to Mango Fizz Creations, I started a Pinterest board, and promptly ordered a starter pack of Polymer clay (Fimo). It arrived, and Isla and I had some fun. 
We made this stuff, plus some secret mothers day things ;-)

The blues and greens collection:

Blacks and whites: (my favourites - love the swirly humbugs)

 Reds and oranges: These are better in real life - hard to photograph!

Pink and white: (same is true for these)

The Randoms:
Check out the amazing little ones at the front - pure chance, just using all the bits left on the board, and they are somehow the best?!

Islas sweeties: Think she took the idea of 'lollipops' too literally maybe.

And the ones I couldn't resist: and have already strung (and worn the green)

I had so much fun with this, would enjoy some Isla-free time to experiment and finesse, but what possibilities!

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  1. I may have accidentally ordered 8 blocks today! I have borrowed my mums pasta machine too!


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