Friday, 2 March 2012

Friendly Friday Post

Really excited to be featured on Friendly Friday Post over at the brilliant Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby blog. The blog is fabulous, and the vibe is So friendly (just like its name, I guess), and the other blogs featured look wonderful too. Here's my bit:

I'm Sarah, wife to Iain and Mum to Lucas aged 9 and Isla very nearly 4. My blog focusses on family crafting, fun with the chids and linking up with other amazing blogs. I am sparkly new to the blogging world, and am still finding my feet, but enjoying the journey - and would love to have some of you along for the ride.
Crafty, Kids, Fun

and here are the other fantastic blogs mentioned:
Little Waterlily in a Big Pond
Raising Miss Mommy
Growing up Gabel
Rogue Baby
Confessions of a semi-domesticated Mama
Life, Experience needed
JK Says
Three Peas In My Little Pod
Check them out - they are all fabulous reading - I have spent a good deal of my crafting time doing just that - and it was an absolute pleasure!

 And a HUGE thanks to Lena at Mom 2 Memphis and Ruby. xxxx


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