Thursday, 9 May 2013

Photo a Day in May days 8 and 9, and Twitter!

I have belated started this challenge from Fat Mum Slim, and its really cool to be able to (in my case) look round your workspace in a new way.

Day 8. Shape. 
I love looking at the quilting ruler/lines on my cutting mat/and my tools on there - it is such an empowering feeling to be able to create and use exact measurements for things - something up until I started sewing I really struggled with.

Day 9. A Snack

So - I have been following a new diet plan (about 100 years after most other people) inspired by some crafty friends, and am doing intermittent fasting. I have managed almost every other day fasting - some easier than others, but today is a fast day, so my 'snack' today until supper time looks like this. Some nuts and LOTS of Green Tea (Lemon flavoured this time), water, and the always present in my life Pepsi Max. I have found it much easier to do than other weight loss plans -  achieved target weight on Slimming World twice in the past, but get sulky and stroppy whe  I have to stick to it for ever, this way works for me - I fast on busy days, and then get to east regular food with the family on other days. Since starting last Monday I have lost a Stone, which I am thrilled with :-) Here is the book for anyone who fancies giving it a try. Let me know how you find it?


Feeling very modern (lol) - I ust set up a Twitter Account!
Not really sure how it all works, ut if you want to follow me, I am under the Twitter name SewNowweare4
If you would like me to follow you, drop me a message or comment.
Wish me luck!

Love Sarah

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