Friday, 10 May 2013

Photo a Day In May Challenge Day 10

So - todays theme is STARS.

Took forever to get any inspiration from this, and some peoples photgraphs I saw posted on FB were so amazing that I just didnt feel it. Was going to stitch out a star on something of Lucas', as have been meaning to do that anyway. Then I looked across at Lucy (embroidery machine) working hard, and realised I had been a numpty! It was literally star(r)ring me in the face!

(apologies if the colour is a little off - my screen has gone bonkers, and I cant seem to mend it without pushing "auto correct" again and making it all bright and garish all over again)

Will keep at my Tweeting lessons with Iain, and hopefully actually tweet this with the correct Hashtags, and not make a faux pas of some kind (which I have been doing a lot, so he tells me!). Take it easy on me if you see me in Twitter land though guys? 

Love Sarah

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