Monday, 20 May 2013

Grommets and Festivals


Its been a busy old week for us this week. On Thursday, Isla had Grommet surgery (her second time), and was an absolute superstar! She was given a Monkey whom she called "Grommet" the night before to help her sleep (we had many sleepless nights leading up to the surgery as she has a great understanding of medical procedures, due to Lucas' special needs), and other than a few wobbles when talking with the anaethetist as she wanted to convince him to put her to sleep with gas rather than with a cannula (which he agreed to), she was incredibly brave - visibly shaking, but holding it together tremendously. When we got home, I gave her a supersoft toy rabbit which a friend had made her. Her recovery has been great - you can tell when she is next due painkillers, as she gets really grumpy, but she has gone back to school this morning.

Tamar Barn Dancing!


On Saturday, a Family Friend of ours had a festival to celebrate her 40th Birthday!  It was a truly awesome event - with every kind of entertainment you could imagine. There will be hundreds of pics, but here are our experiences. Lots of people camped overnight, but we thought that Isla might still be a bit fragile for that.
The Birthday girl in a Sumo suit!

Balloon Animals

2 bouncy castles!
Rockers/soft play

Big Connect 4

Various crafts

Magic show!

Face Painting

Tug of war
Talented band!
Lucas got to announce supper!

Fish and Chip supper!
Barn Dance

It really was the most amazing party we have ever been to, and Tamar and her family are beyond awesome to have pulled it off! Thanks for letting us be part of it all Tamar!

My favourite photos of the day:

My Festival girl:

Lucas laughing!

(For local people who want good people - the magic show was Mr Merlin (and Okey Dokey the Dragon)
and the amazing Face Painting was done by Diamond Faces

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