Sunday, 12 May 2013

Photo Day 12 and a Craft Fair

Day 12


This photo was taken 10 years ago the day after Lucas had open heart surgery. It was the first time he had his ventilation tube taken out and I was able to get close to him. This absolutely isnt all that being a mother is to me - there are more good days, and more happy moments than there are hard, and yet - always, every minute and every day I have memories like this, and thoughts of equally hard times (or worse) in our future. We dont know whether Lucas will live longer than us, whether he may any day become very ill very quickly, so motherhood is always so incredibly precious and so scary every day. Never for a moment do I take being Lucas' Mum (nor Isla's of course) for granted, because I may not get to be his mother for as long as I would like.

The Great Wimborne Craft and Bake Sale

Found a link to this fair yesterday on Facebook . Persuaded the children to go because I mentioned cakes about a hundred times, so we did that thing where we say we will get ready, then about 1.5 hours later we are actually all in the car with picnic packed. God - it all takes so much time at the moment!

Anyway, the first (and best) thing we did was pay £2 to decorate a teacup and saucer. Lucas was very hesitant to start with (the story of his life atm tbh), but eventually joined in. Isla was so incredibly intense the whole time, and took around 45 minutes to decorate a tiny cup and saucer.
Lucas did this! Complete fluke obviously, but fab!

Lucas drew the spirals, and Iain got stuck in colouring in the gaps!
Very busy work - painting a rainbow!

We did the decorating with Sharpie pens, then when we got home had to put them in a cold oven, turn it on to 180degrees, then leave to harden in the oven for 30 minutes (if you fancied having a go). They look fabulous actually, and has convinced me even more than lots of pins on Pinterest that I really need some Sharpies in my life ;-)

Then we had a look at other stalls, and bought some fabulous cakes from a stall called Bakery Boxx. We took the cakes and went outside for our picnic. It was, honestly getting bloomin freezing by this point, and Iain and Isla seemed to suffer the most. Iain put on every layer he could find in the car, and Isla decided that she needed my hoodie as well as hers!

We had pretty much just finished eating when the rain came, so hurried indoors to get a last look at the stalls. Isla spent her pocket money fairly wisely on two lucky dips, and Lucas decided that his would be best spent on one more slice of amazing chocolate cake from the Bakery Boxx, which they shared for pudding. The fair seemed to have a large footfall (most of whom were carrying bags of goodies) a good choice of stalls, and nothing quite like I make, so I will certainly make enquiries to have a stall at the next one.
Love Sarah

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