Sunday, 12 May 2013

Photo and Fortune Tellers

Day 11 of Photo A Day in May:


Slightly cheating today on this one, as I have used two photos and because Its not 'work/business' related in the slightest, but both my kids blessed me with great smiles today - so it seemed unfair to make me choose whose to share. 

Fortune Tellers

So - Isla has got really into paper aeroplanes, and so I was pondering some easy and fun origami for her. Then my mind wandered back to my childhood, and I remembered paper "fortune tellers". I asked friends on Facebook who knew how to make them, as it was very vague for me, and got linked to this fabulous Youtube video. We set to work, and had a marvelous time working out how to make them. To start with, we had some trouble getting our folds accurate, but we improved, and got some made. I managed to make mine work well, but it was just too big for Islas hands, so then we made some teeny tiny ones, which worked better. I had vague notions of writing things inside them, so started with vague 'yes' 'no' parts under the flaps - and then remembered colours for the top flaps, numbers in the middle, and 8 different options underneath. I havent got a good photo of our final design, but if people cant remember how to make them, and want to give it a go, I can go and get it out of Islas bed where its resting at the moment ;-)

Many amusing questions followed - with Lucas throughly getting in on the game and the action. We even did that thing where you write the names of who you might marry on them (with one horrendous option), and the kids each did it. We let the Fortune Tellers decide what we would have for supper, pudding, if Iain was smelly, if trains were boring and many more things. Great, easy activity for a rainy day - cant recommend it enough!

Love Sarah

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