Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So.....Did I mention I got an overlocker (thats English for a Serger) for my birthday? Well I did, and I LOVE it! Massive Kids Clothes Week Challenge fail aside, I have really started knuckling down to make clothes for my chids. Now Isla is WAY easier - age 5 (more patterns), a girl (more patterns), and a fairly normal shape ;-) So she has more things atm, but I have plans to remedy this up my sleeve.

For now though - here is Isla in some clothes I have made her this week:

This was a pattern that I designed myself, and trialled with this supercute hedgehog fabric from Ikea. It has poppered shoulders to help with dressing/undressing.

This gorgeous pattern is the first I have tried from Tie Dye Diva - I have bought others and am looking forward to trying them.

A Line skirt designed by myself again, and trialled with Ikea fabric. This skirt has an enormous poppered pocket in the front that Isla is having fun filling with "treasure". I will be making her more of these, as she loves it - so will attempt to get some good pics of the skirts, and even jot down the pattern if you are interested.

Oh, and rather predictably my Overlocker/Serger Pinterest Board is filling up nicely too ;-)

For geeky information - my Overlocker/Serger is a Brother 1034D
My sewing machine is a Janome 6600P
My Embroidery machine is a Brother 750E

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