Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Photo a Day in May

I am belatedly joining in this challenge with friends from a business network called Mouse House who are taking a picture a day in May centered around things they use for their businesses.

The themes and idea stem from Fat Mum Slim who has posted a list of themes.

I have belatedly joined on day 7, so here is my photograph for the theme "F".

These are my embroidery Frames, which sadly always look a little sticky like this as I use a magical spray glue when embroidering. Various ways of cleaning it have been suggested (the weirdest one being Mayonnaise!!!), but I tend to just use baby wipes.

I am planning on catching up with the other days.

If you fancy joining in, or are already doing this - please do post your links below and I will link you in daily for the rest of May!

Love Sarah

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