Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday 10


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Theme: 10 Favourite Beauty Products!

 Decleor stuff is all amazing, but this is my fave product!

Ok, so its a bit 2010/2011, but it really works!

LOVE Laura Geller makeup. The Balance and Brighten fair for winter, normal for summer is brilliant

 More Laura Geller - bronzer this time

Isla chose this for me in the 99p shop when mine had run out (my favourite green), and its amazing.

 Eyeshadow is crucial imo, and Barry M stuff rocks.

 Best foundation there is. Not cheap, but it really lasts.

More Laura Geller. This time eye liner. Good colour, doesnt run.

Home made salt scrubs. Also love our homemade soaps and body oils :-)

So, bought this for the kids to try and stop them getting nits (they havent once!), but I pinch it as it is brilliant, smells nice, makes my hair shine.

There were lots of 'essentials' I haven't listed, but these are my fave ones that I thought might be of interest to others - plus at my age (just had a birthday, and am a wee bit sensitive), you need more than 10 beauty products to start your day, right?!


  1. Great list, Sarah!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I'm gonna have to try me some Laura Geller now!
    flats to flip flops


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