Monday, 16 April 2012

Project Living Room

I have been slowly working on making my living room space somewhere nicer to be - crocheting and sewing, and today it finally feels like it has come together!!! Here are some pics - not easy to take, as there is sunlight (hurrah!!), and a window - but here is what there is. I am really pleased, and looking forward to snuggling on the sofa crocheting this evening, with some scented candles lit, and maybe even a glass of wine!

Bunting made from a vintage skirt, and the window sill 

Paper flowers,  and a jam jar cosy (my family think I have finally cracked!)

Close-up of vintage fabric bunting, I also used strapping from the Dorset Scrapstore, so a free, fully upcycled project!

Cushion from vintage skirt

Crocheted mega-cushion

 Back of green cushion (again, fabric from the Scrap store!)

 Cushion made using the Attic 24 tutorial

Back of above cushion (made from an old jumper!)

Back of vintage skirt cushion (again, made from an old jumper)

Cushions in a row 

Pin cushion made from vintage tea cup that was given to me, and sits beautifully on the window sill.

I am really pleased - hope you like it!

Also really excited to be guest posting over at Imagine Gnats today. Thanks for having me Rachael :-)

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  1. Ah, I love it when a plan comes together!!! Funnily enough I was sorting out my fabric stash which had taken over the living room and making space for new fabric coming in for my online store (if/ when I ever get it open!!!) The living room never stays that way but I shall enjoy the tranquility while it lasts... hope you do to x

    1. Sounds nice Kelly!! online store sounds fun :-)

  2. i love the living room! the bunting is super cute!

  3. Thanks so much Aleks. My husband (not a craft lover sadly) asked "why would you put up bunting when its not a special occasion?" hasnt changed the was I feel about my living room space - I adore it!


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