Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter Holidays

We were really excited to go to spend the long Easter weekend with my Dad and his partner Rose on a small sheep farm in the Midlands. It is lambing season (well, we actually missed an actual birth by a few days, which was frustrating - but there were 3 baby lambs who needed 'Bottling', which the children took very seriously indeed, and thoroughly enjoyed. I have to admit to taking rather a shine to 'H' - a gorgeous lamb, and wanted to bring him home, but wasn't too keen to bring 'Mrs H' (his Mum) along too!

 The weather was really quite appalling, as you can see from our elegant rain gear - but we were prepared, and didnt let it stop us! We learned how to 'ring' a lambs tail, how to 'ring' a boy lamb sensitive areas, Isla was thrilled to learn that lambs are fed from a Ewes 'bags', and is using the term as often as possible. We learned that sheep herding is relatively easy, and that Lucas' cane works brilliantly. We also had a wet, but good Easter egg hunt, with Lucas using a superb beeping device with tags attached to 6 eggs. We miss my Dad, Rose, and of course our beloved lambs - 'H' 'Number 2' and '17'.

Videos of the children doing 'Farmy' things (Thanks Julian Brown!):


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun - even if the weather was yucky! Love the puddle jumping pic x

  2. Shame you missed the lamb being born.

    Muddy puddles are the best. I really enjoyed reading this today.

  3. Thanks so much Liz. Islas new found (but very determined) Peppa Pig obsession made puddle jumping essential!!

  4. Love the photo mid jump in the muddy puddle... looks like fun!!! x


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