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Feather Your Nest Competition

Feather Your Nest with Stumbles & Stitches
Stumbles and Stitches

The Feather Your Nest competition came to my attention through the ultra talented and on-the-ball Rachael at Imagine Gnats, and it really interested me.

The rules:

Requirements for Entry:

The item(s) you enter in the contest must meet the following requirements:

1) Made by you, for your own home. This includes all sorts of practical and/or decorative items, housewares and artwork. As long as it is for use in your home, it works.

2) Made with stitches. It can be machine-sewn, hand-sewn, embroidered, knitted, crochet-ed, felted, etc.

3) Made with some repurposed or upcycled material. As little or as much as you want. The options are endless! Get creative and think green.

4) Made in 2012.

You can enter up to 5 times. Some of mine have already been posted, but what the heck - if they fit in with the rules, why not show them again? ;-) 

 Night light. Made from a plastic Ferrero Rocher chocolate box, old fairy lights (LED is essential!, an offcut of fabric Isla adore. Plus some super glue, and some sellotape for luck. Fabric is stitched, so thats how it qualifies!

Got the idea from the brilliant Crafty Love (who used tissue paper rather than fabric, but her brill tute is here), and was just waiting to find a Ferrero Rocher box. Luckily (and very bizarrely) and friend at my Wool and Wittering clss have one in her car, so her presto:
Entry number 1:

Also wanted to enter my bunting made from webbing from The Dorset Scrapstore and a 70's skirt which I have hung onto for years, even though it was about a metre too long for me, because it is stunning!
Entry number 2:

Also a crocheted jam jar cover (obv. a recycled jam jar) and a recycled paper flower arrangement.
Entry number 3: 

And lastly,  selection of cushions made from vintage or repurposed skirt, curtains, jumpers, buttons and wool. The circular one was made following an excellent tute from Attic 24.
Entry number 4:

The reverse of them:

and lastly, a pin cushion made from that same stunning vintage skirt, and a teacup given to me by Rose, which was her grandmothers. I adore it!
Entry number 5:

What a lot of fun! Do pop over to see the other AMAZING entries :-)
Love Sarah

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