Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Macaroons, bunting, jobs lists and fun!

Easter holidays here - so I have very little time to breathe, never mind blog, so I am mostly sharing some pics of what we have been up to :-) We went to one of our favourite places in the world - Moors Valley Country Park. The adventure playground is fabulous, it has steam trains - Lucas almost wet himself because there was a new one, and the place doesnt get so crowded that Lucas goes into meltdown. Plus, we had super weather (now a dim and distant memory)

The children and I also learned to make Macaroons - and did our first job always - making a print version o of the recipe for Isla, and a Braille version for Lucas. Now, I try hard - cant cook to save my life, and can bake just a wee bit better than that, but oh my goodness - these macaroons are seriously delicious - even Iain ate them :-)

Jobs Lists:
I have also been looking at the children jobs charts - they have certain jobs each, and earn pocket money if they manage to do them. It has to be said that neither child has yet to  have their money refused - so I think its an activity aimed at making me feel in control, rather than anything else, but ho hum - they haven't twigged yet!! Anyway, their lists were tatty, print and brailled jobs stuck on the kitchen doors, and not very interactive, nor easy to change - so I played around with magnetic paint - total waste of time - it just isnt magnetic, so we got a refund, then I decided that magnetic knife holders were the answer (I found one in the bargain bin, and had the other, so they don't match, but its a good start)- and hey presto magnetic, changeable, jobs lists:

I plan to make bag to hang under, so we can add and remove jobs.
Happy to do a tute if needed - but it wasn't rocket science. 
Now just need to convince Iain to hang them for us.

Lucas is a reluctant crafter, and his skills differ so much from Isla's, that to get them to work on a project together is tough - but I have to do something productive with them at least once a day - I find I relax more than just endless hours of the park and pretend play (brave to admit, I do feel a failure about this), but I struck upon a craft today that they both thoroughly enjoyed - easter/spring bunting (not a good pic, but you get the idea!):

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