Friday, 20 April 2012

Our Reflection weekly photo challenge

Teaming up again with the talented Laura from Our Reflection for the weekly photo challenge.

This week the theme is 'water'. 

This is my daughter Isla at the local swimming pool. My Dad Julian Brown took the photo (which I have edited), and right after we were asked to leave or put the camera away, as you cant use a camera at the swimming pool (Good grief - or perhaps words a little stronger!)
 SO chuffed we managed this shot.

Our Reflection Photo Challenge


  1. I wish it was ok to use cameras at pools, so many photograph opportunities missed!

  2. OMG is this UNDER the water?! I can't even do that! Either way, lovely moment shot! Dumb about the camera rules tho - who does that?

  3. Thanks everyone. I agree Harlans Mummy - its all beyond crazy :-(
    Princess Stephy - it is indeed UNDER the water!

  4. oh my goodness how precious!!
    I can't believe the pool people would make you put your camera away. Boo!
    Very cool that you got this shot though!

  5. Thanks so much Brooke. Here in the UK, the paedophile panic really affects where we can take pics of our own kids :-(

  6. (()) Thanks so much Amanda. x

  7. How will your camera hurt a swimming pool? lol Thanks for visiting, This pic is hilariously cute! Now Following! -Jessica


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