Monday, 20 February 2012

Lucas made a present (otherwise known as 'The Hair Clip Frame Tutorial')

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So, Isla has a birthday coming up, and Lucas and I decided he would make her present. We came up with the idea of a hair clip frame.

Frame (I got a box frame so that clips wouldnt fall on the floor even if not put on properly)
Material you like (slightly larger than frame)
Ribbon in matching colours (I got carried away and bought way too much)
Glue Gun
Decorations for frame
Ruler, pencil, scissors.

Take out the back, remove glass (save it for another project maybe?)

Iron your fabric, and decide which way round you want it in the frame, then glue it neatly, making sure its pulled tight

Whilst it dries, sort your ribbon (or get your lovely - slightly poorly and off school assistant to help you)

Then measure accurately down both sides of the frame, deciding how far apart to put your ribbons.  I placed mine every 5 cms (ours was done with a Braille ruler as shown for 'assistants' benefit ;-)
Then carefully glue ribbon on your marks, making sure its done firmly, but not splodging (yes, that is the technical term!) the glue, as then you will have to cut it off with a craft knife (ask me how I know!)
Then trim off all the glue and excess ribbon.

Now its time to decorate the frame! I have been hanging onto one of Islas old T shirts as I loved the applique - and whilst it may not 'go' in the traditional sense (i.e. in colour, style, or any other way), it seemed like Isla heaven, so I cut them out and glued them on (Lucas deciding on placement)
The put the whole lot back together, making sure the ribbons are horizontal. This is where the box frame worked well - there is lots of space to get the grips on and off, and they will fall inside the frame, not the floor.

Ta dah!


  1. Great tutorial Sarah. Thanks. Now if you could come up with a great crafty way to store hair bands..... :)

  2. Thanks Lerryn :-)
    Do you mean hard Alice bands, or just soft hair bands (ponytail bands etc)?


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