Friday, 24 February 2012

Busy days, with just a touch of crochet

So, the children have been unwell variously, plus my 'day job' keeps getting in the way, so there has been a bit of a crafting drought here. That said, Iain and Isla had some fun with plasticine (little bit scared of mermaids breasts):

 I had some delicious Stylecraft yarn arrive:

And have started a crocheted circle cushion following a tute from Attic 24 - love Lucy's tutes. I am not a very accomplished crocheter, and her explanations are great! And finished Lucas' wrist warmers.

Plus we have had some sunshine (hurrah!!), and were able to feed the birds at the local park without freezing! (ok, so I didn't feed the birds - I am phobic, and flinched every moment whilst Iain and Isla did, she actually got a bit nipped by a seagull which was horrendous - for me!)

This weekend, the children have announced that they must be astronauts, so watch this space - oh and wish us luck?! ;-)

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