Saturday, 18 February 2012

Chocolate Cakes and Freezer Paper Stencilling.

Today was wet and gloomy, so we decided to have a 'home' day - and never need much encouragement to make cakes. So, we found a recipe online, Lucas printed it on his computer, then Isla read it out to him and he Brailled it.

Both chids got really stuck in today - Lucas seems to be chilling out significantly, and enjoyed all of it, with no tears! They have become a great team now - putting the tablecloth on together, Isla adding egg mix, then Lucas the flour. Beautiful to see.

Cakes not remarkably aesthetically pleasing - Lucas doesn't like any icing, Isla decided orange icing, silver numbers and cocoa powder were essential, but they should taste ok.

I indulged in my new favourite hobby (read obsession), and got some freezer paper stencilling done.

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