Sunday, 19 February 2012

Candle holders, hooks and fluorescent orange!

Today has been a busy houseworky kind-of day - not my favourite kind, but our living space is a nice place to be again (also I am now inspired to make all kinds of lovely things to make it more unique - please comment below with any cool images/tutes/ideas).

Isla and I decorated some candle holders with some glass pens that arrived from eBay, and this evening we lit them when our good friends came round with their beautiful baby girl (and I got more than a pang of the broody when she was being fed by her Mummy).

Ages ago, I bought a really cheap photo hook thingy from Aldi or Lidl or somewhere, and have been pondering what to do with it. I want to use it to hang up scarves, hats and gloves, as we have hundreds all over the radiator - but I didnt want photos really. Anyway, I had been storing some cool tea towels from Tesco for the right project (I made Isla a skirt from one when she was small), and this was what we made! Really pleased with it, will now persuade Iain to hang it!

And just before I attempt to get an early night - my son Lucas is obsessed with all things fluorescent (he is significantly visually impaired, so they are the only colours he can see, I guess), so when I spotted a ball of orange fluorescent yarn in Lerryns stash at our Wool and Wittering event, I pounced! Lucas has decided that what he really wants is arm warmers - so I have begun.

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