Thursday, 17 May 2012


Its "Pirate week" here in Poole. No idea why - the children seem none the wiser, but Lucas had to dress up as a pirate for school tomorrow - so of course, then, did Isla, and also - it turns out - Teddy!

The trousers were the biggest success, I think - the first time I have properly followed a pattern  that I didn't make up (although both my chids seem to have super short legs - I had to lose a lot!). Lucas is a difficult shape to dress - so I feel pretty good that  I can make him lots of pyjama trews now, following this basic pattern. I thoroughly enjoyed making these, and they both (all including Teddy, I guess) seem happy! They can wear the star trews at other times, and if I make some tops too - they will have super cute matching pyjamas!


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  1. Found you via Monday meetup. Your pirates are very cute!


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