Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bits and pieces

Its been a weird couple of weeks here. Isla has been unwell with yet more ear infections, then I ended up in hospital after having an anaphylactic shock to a dentist injection, plus we are trying to make some life decisions about our future.

That said, I have been crafting bits and pieces. I am going crazy making crocheted granny squares for a blanket for Isla (managed about 35 in hospital attached to the drip), I have made lip balm holders for the kids (our weather is bonkers - windy then sunny - they both have super sore lips), and its "Pirate Day" on Friday - so apparently I have to make costumes for Lucas, Isla, and a teddy.

Will post some pics tomorrow when the outfits are made.

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  1. Oh Sarah, so sorry to hear that you ended up in hospital. Sending lots of ((hugs))

    Looking forward to seeing the pirates!


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