Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Since you've been gone.....

Ok, so its me who has been gone, but I guess everyone reading probably has too.

I am now in a space where blogging will be fun again, and I have had a kick up the bum from the lovely Leah from Sew to Bed and Gemma from Bug and Squish who I have 'met' on Facebook - and we are going to work together to try and blog more often.

So - what have I been doing since I last posted? I feel a MONTAGE MOMENT coming on:

Okay, so thats a taste of the way things have been going work wise. Some of these are ongoing projects, some are for sale, and a lot of progress has been made. I will probably spend the next few weeks going through some of these with more pics, descriptions etc,

And here is a recent shot of my gorgeous chids who are growing up super fast - this was my daughter Isla's 5th birthday(!!):

I have so much to say, so much to tell, so much to do....so I WILL BE BACK!
Love Sarah xxx


  1. Thank you very much for the link up to Bug & Squish and welcome back to the Blogger-sphere xxx

  2. Thanks Gem! Will try to work out why you had to go via Safari to post!

  3. welcome back! i saw below last year you did Southamptons vintage fair, there is one on saturday at the guidhall, are you local to that area?

  4. Thaks Nicnak - fairly local - about 45 minutes away. Are you? x


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Love Sarah